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Win A Free Nonprofit Board Assessment

Thank you for your interest in our nonprofit growth services. 

Learn about our comprehensive nonprofit board assessment and retreat services below. 

To complete your entry for the free nonprofit board assessment, please see the registration link at the bottom of this page.

Project Kick-off

To kick off your project, your consultant will meet with you to discuss and agree on goals. During this time, discussion and planning will focus on identifying participants, retreat dates/location, project timeline, leadership goals, etc.


Board Assessment

Board members will complete an assessment that focuses on: Roles & Responsibilities, Structure & Function, Programs & Staff, Fundraising & Finances, Board Meetings/Committees, Strategic Planning


Board Retreat

This 1-2 day retreat provides training, information, and discussion related to opportunities that are presented during board assessment and interviews, and discussed leadership goals.


Board Policies & Procedures

Your consultant will review your current board policies, and will make recommendations for enhanced or new policies based on the assessment and board retreat discussion/activities.


Project Debrief

Your consultant will debrief to discuss the board retreat, policies & procedures, and recommended next steps.


Ready by August 20, 2024, to enter for your chance to win a free nonprofit board assessment?

The winner will be announced on September 4, 2024. 

Nonprofit Board Assessment: Projects
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