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What's the main reason you would recommend J.R. Holston Consulting services?

You will get an experienced consultant in the field who presents information in an accessible and engaging way. It is a great way to get your board talking and thinking more deeply about their role.


What made you happiest about working with J.R. Holston Consulting?

It was a pleasure to work with Jerome' as his knowledge, expertise and understanding of the agency leaders was critical to facilitate the training and discussion.  He was able to express the essential employment of Black organizational leaders to conduct fundraising, create and build a network, and the including board members within their organizations.


If there’s one word you could use to describe your experience working with J.R. Holston Consulting, what would it be and why?

I would use the word comforting. For a long time I have been operating as solo entrepreneur and being the only person capable of identifying opportunity, and then conveying my company's value to those who hold the opportunity.  Since working with Jerome' it has been comforting to know I now have someone on my team with that same skill set, which means our opportunity for growth is increasing 10 fold.

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